Friday, March 27, 2009

Tasty Tacos

well folks tonight we girded our crampons and moved further south down high st and up ruckers hill past the kebab shop and onto the rather unfortunately named 'tasty tacos'
the decor was restrained, the staff were pleasant and the food was good.
but it was mexican so no surprises (enchiladas, burritos, tacos) and we all staggered out feeling like pythons.
  • generous (even over-generous serving sizes)
  • swift and friendly service
  • reasonable prices
  • mexican beer
  • very kid friendly without feeling like a 'family restaurant'
  • fairly generic mexican - we wondered what sort of regional variations there might be in mexican food that are never reflected in restaurant menus
  • the lighting was overly dim
  • between the music and being a bit too close to the bar (and the blender) conversation was difficult
  • you really should spend a day ploughing the fields before tackling this sort of carbohydrate loaded food
would we go back? yes but not as a first choice
next time - cocoinc


  1. We didn't enjoy that place at all! The food was fairly bland, very much a received notion of Mexican cuisine - more akin to Taco Bell but with hugely inflated prices ($17 for a burrito?!).

    If you need a break from High St and don't mind exclusively vegetarian food, try Trippy Taco on Smith St, just south of Gertrude. Real house-made tortillas, and amazing tamales.

    Next time you're in Sydney, there's a nice little franchise you should try: Guzman Y Gomez Taqueria ( A bit low on atmosphere but the food is great, as are the margaritas.

  2. I wouldn't recommend this place at all - went here a good few months back - we were the only ones in the restaurant and the food was awful. How can you get something as basic as Nachos wrong - what little cheese there was on the nachos was melted within an inch of its life...main wasn't any special - do yourself a favor don't waste your time and your money here

  3. Did you dare go out to the toilet? Because if you did you'd see how frikkin filthy it is back of house! It's rare that I get a plate of food put in front of me that's so dodgy looking I won't eat it. But that precooked reheated dry chewy rice they serve with everything just looked like botulism on a plate. And when we went there it still had the vestiges of the Indian/internet cafe place it had been like the week before - giving the whole venture a flybynight kind of feeling. Probably after the first health department visit....