Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yellow chicken curry in potentia

Yup, another posting that's got faff all to do with High Street, except that I made it at home and, ergo elk*, it was made within a five minutes walk from High Street.

Chicken, pumpkin, green beans, yellow curry paste, lime leaves, chili paste (the soya oil kind), fish sauce, palm sugar, coconut milk etc...

* "What is the difference? What indeed is the point? The point is frozen, the beast is late out of Paddington. The point is taken. If La Fontaine's elk would spurn Tom Jones the engine must be our head, the dining car our oesophagus, the guard's van our left lung, the cattle truck our shins, the first-class compartment the piece of skin at the nape of the neck and the level crossing an electric elk called Simon. .... Ecce homo, ergo elk. La Fontaine knew his sister and knew her bloody well. The point is taken, the beast is moulting, the fluff gets up your nose. The illusion is complete; it is reality, the reality is illusion and the ambiguity is the only truth. " (from MPFC, episode 24)

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