Thursday, July 29, 2010


Maize is in the Thornbury Village section of High Street and is pretty typical of the small cafe/breakfast spots everywhere between Westgarth and Preston. Their menu is long and their coffee is good and they (like so many of their peers along High Street) pride themselves on using words like "organic" and "spelt" and "wholegrain". All good and all worthy.

Some bits of this morning's breakfast were pretty good and worthy too. The cheesy scrambled eggs in particular were creamy, cheesy and light, although there was far too much for me. But this dish was, allegedly, huevos rancheros. Described as scrambled eggs with sausage and a tomato salsa, I'd expected it to come with a tortilla, not a couple of slices of damp wholegrain bread. The sausage was sliced kranksy (or sim), well grilled and nice enough. The tomato salsa, alas, turned out to be diced tomato with a few chives. Not in the slightest bit Mexican and not even in the most subtle way was it spiced. All in all this was scrambled eggs, sausage and diced tomato and I was disappointed.

Huevos Rancheros? Nope
There's lots of competition for breakfast along here, and Maize didn't stand out as anything special. And I still want huevos rancheros...


  1. Maize left me non-plussed too, so much so that I've never made the effort to go there again after our first visit and give it a second try.

  2. That looks like the worst heuvos rancheros, ever.

    I'm in love with the Pete Evans version - checkout lifestylefood for details.

  3. That's a quorum in my eyes... I googled Pete Evans heuvos rancheros - looks damn fine and will give it a go.

  4. nice blog ..great idea and photos pretty good too!