Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pippa May Cook

pippa may cook is a favourite haunt - good coffee, friendly waitpersons and unfussy food.

we went there yesterday after finding psarakos closed for anzac day.
michael had an instantly restorative macchiato, brought to him by an understanding waitperson who saw at once that he was in dire need of immediate emergency caffeine.

will and i stood thoughtfully in front of the cakes before raspberry coconut slice was decided upon - "that piece"
this was supplemented by a latte for me and a hot chocolate for will and another macchiato for michael
you can buy a range of pippa-made preserves and other goodies as well as take away meals (i can vouch for the chicken pie). all is home made - you won't find those overpowering ginormous cakes with no taste here. it's chocolate raspberry brownies, muffins, blueberry and lemon pie and raspberry coconut slice and the cooked brekkies are fabulous. i borrowed the recipe for one of my favourite salads from pippa (and i'm not a salad nut at all) - baby spinach, grapefruit and avocado tossed with pippa's honey vinaigrette - really simple and good.

pippa may cook is child friendly without feeling like a free for all - it is still a place for grown ups, and a very good place too.

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