Saturday, September 11, 2010

A trip to Preston Market becomes Paella

Saturday at Preston Market. Mission: to make paella.

We bought some fish...

...and some prawns....

...and some mussels.

Will was hungry... we had a slice of pizza for lunch.

We said hello to some old friends...

...and met them again after they'd had a makeover.

I cooked some capsicums, garlic, bay leaves and onions with oil and smoked paprika...

...which came from a cheerful tin.

Felicity's talking, suicidal prawn amused Will with his constant refrain of "rip my head off!".

Some fish, browned chicken legs and browned chorizo went in the vegetables with the rice.

Some stock and saffron went in and it simmered for a bit before I added the mussels, prawns and pippies.

It was pretty good.


  1. A timely reminder of how good Preston Market is and how I need to get back there and visit on my next free Saturday morning.

    Looks delicious. Do you follow a recipe?

  2. Sort of - it's an amalgam of recipes past, which goes something like...

    Saute a couple of diced capsicums of amusing colour with an onion in lots of oil in a wide pan. After a bit add garlic and smoked paprika and a couple of bay leaves.

    In another pan, brown some chicken drumsticks (1 per person) and a sliced chorizo or two.

    Add the meats to the capsicums with a cup and a half of rice, stir until everything is covered in coloured oil. Add some chunks of firm white fish.

    Pour over a teacup of boiling water with a pinch of saffron strands (or a couple of sachets of Spanish saffron powder), some salt and then cover with hot chicken stock. Stir once, and then leave to bubble with a lid.

    After 10 minutes, take off the lid and pop on some prawns (raw and shelled), some cleaned black mussels and, if you have them, some little clams. (In fact, add the seafood you like in the right order to make sure they're all cooked at the same time.) Lid goes back; steam still the prawns are cooked and/or the mussels are open. If only some of the seafood looks cooked, whip out the cooked stuff and let the rest finish cooking.

    Serve with some parsely and a jug of sangria.